SRP has committed itself to education and qualification in its third business area.

In the past few years in a wide variety of companies we have repeatedly made the observation that the competence for digital transformation is only in the hands of a few responsible people.

However, if digitization is to succeed in all areas of life and business, then questions of educational and qualification requirements are addressed here at the latest.

In relation to the company, this means. If the digital restructuring of a company is to succeed in its still analog, functionalist business processes in future fully automated, digital, cross-functional standard processes, then the prerequisites must be met for participation, co-creation and efficient task fulfillment at the individual level of each individual workplace. Otherwise, this enormous cultural change will fail due to traditional resistance to change. Fears of loss of performance and inability to learn, general insecurities about new technologies, age barriers, fear of rationalization through technology efficiency, fear of learning and change in general. With these often existing inner attitudes, no digital transformation can be carried out in a company, especially not quickly.

And it must be stated very clearly: The radical nature of the restructuring of the world of work has never been greater, the challenges never greater, so a systematic approach is required here at all levels of responsibility, it is not A top priority for individual change managers or IT experts.