Michael Stolle


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EMAIL:   stolle@sr-placements.com



Hagen Ringshausen

PHONE: +49 (0) 30 – 407 255 01

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EMAIL:   ringshausen@sr-placements.com


who we are

We are Michael Stolle and Dr. Hagen Ringshausen. We are the initiators, namesake and nucleus of our network of independent personnel and management consultants with the name Stolle & Ringshausen Placements.

We want to show you that we have redefined our somewhat outdated image as personnel and management consultants:

SRP – precise, reliable, sexy! We want our customers to find it “sexy” to work with us! Because we deliver precise solutions in 90: 60: 901 , are reliable and like to laugh with you, because people just like to be on the road with us!

As we see ourselves, we are convinced entrepreneurs and, above all, company designers for our customers: Your entrepreneurial success is our explicit goal.

Thanks to our network, we can offer you event-specific specialist advice in a very flexible manner, dedicated or in combination with several specialists, for temporary short interventions or as support for larger reorganization projects, usually over 6-12 months.

1 90 days order clarification and search; 60 days candidate presentation, selection & contract; 90 days trial period – o.k. maybe 180

“Everything used to be easier – we for example” – but after more than twenty-five years of professional experience in international projects and line positions, we not only know our competitors, but above all typical problem areas of medium-sized companies through to listed corporations, the solution of which we have come up with.As head of human resources, managing director, management consultant and interim manager, we have worked together for over 100 companies in different countries.Valuable experience, often from industry leaders and internationally very successful medium-sized companies, which you can now directly benefit from.

We have written ourselves on the “scales” to do some things differently.To be methodically and technically always up to date and to act in a balanced way.Therefore we work i.a.also with AI applications.So that you can draw business added value from our advice faster and, above all, permanently. We want to be better than our competitors and exceed our customers’ expectations.That is why we are committed to lean, uniform, special S&R quality standards and processes before our customers do.

Find out more about us, our business model and our services on the following pages.