With “individual placement” we go the entire route to the new job with you, should you, as a private person, contact us in order to look for a new, suitable job with our support, to find it and to start it as quickly as possible. We go well beyond classic outplacement consulting: We scan the market for you and bring you together with a large number of different headhunters. In this way, we open up for you as own brands the “opportunities” in the hidden job market that match your skills, your life situation and your development goals. To do this, we use our regional and national networks as well as various diagnostic procedures in order to proactively take into account your professional interests as well as your – perhaps so far less used – potentials when looking for a job. It is our goal that you find the right job in a short time and that you will be happy to fill it for several years with high life and work satisfaction. This also applies to specialist tasks as well as manager jobs at all levels.

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