SRP offers qualification courses or higher-quality educational programs in cooperation with higher education institutions for executives and managers for a wide range of target groups in order to prepare and train these people for changed leadership requirements in virtual personnel structures with increasing workplace sovereignty (keyword home office, virtual teams, etc.).

When creating new operational functions, we orientate ourselves closely to the earlier establishment of the job description of a quality management officer, who today is a fixed and indispensable factor in all industrial companies. Analogous to this, we have developed a Germany-wide, modularized advanced training program for digitization officers with the IHK Potsdam, for example, and carried it out with our colleagues from SRP. In the meantime, we are differentiating even more clearly according to industrial sectors and management responsibility in order to be able to develop and offer even more needs-based education and qualification offers in the field of digitization. A mechanical engineering manufacturing company will digitize itself differently than an internet bank or an online shopping portal.

We are conceptually based on higher-level, independent studies and scientific research results or on the very fundamental concepts of the European Commission, which, for example, has laid down in a digital competence framework what digital competencies European citizens should acquire in the future (see “DigComp 2.1 “In the download area).

Schools and state institutions are often quite slow and sluggish to quickly take up these qualification requirements and quickly offer them in the form of targeted offers in the market. This is a task that we at SRP have committed ourselves to with regard to digitization issues. To this end, we are in the process of establishing the “Institute for Applied Digitalization” in Leipzig, where we want to develop educational and qualification offers – from weekend seminars to Executive MBA – and offer them all year round with various educational partners and universities. Our offer is aimed at both companies and interested private individuals in order to actively support and advance the transformation of society into a digital future for everyone.

This also includes targeted training for managers and management consultants, who can develop methodologically in our institute in order to be able to productively manage the digital transformation in their own company.

We have developed the “SLIM2” method for this, a systemic overall concept that gives practical instructions on how this enormous structural change in the company can be planned, organized and carried out, above all in order to ensure the competitiveness of companies and thus jobs in Germany.

One part of the institute is, for example, the “SRP Academy for Interim Management”, in which we train experienced project managers to become interim managers in order to give you new career opportunities in a rapidly growing market area.

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