Job environment analysis: Do the direct supervisor, the primary work team and the corporate culture fit together well enough? The systematic correspondence of the candidate characteristics with the classic requirement profile cannot really counteract the self-resignation trend of top performers and high potentials. We have the analysis instruments and diagnostic tools to ensure this extended fit (pyschometric test procedures such as Success Insights, LUXX Profile etc. or “Slim inside out”).

Onboarding process: New colleagues first opportunistically do exactly what ensures they will successfully pass the probationary period. That means, conflicts in the team, critical feedback to the supervisor, suggestions for improvement to the company management are often avoided. After the probationary period – often 3-6 months – the political and sociological positioning as a person is long since completed, course corrections – almost bypassing the refrigerator – are implausible or even impossible. By setting up a mentoring program and accompanying SRP supervision discussions, we help to facilitate the assumption of roles by the new employee and the most efficient possible cooperation with the direct superior / the team. This means that the full performance of the ‘new hired’ is achieved more quickly and thus also a higher level of job satisfaction during the probationary period, which statistically generally leads to a longer period of employment, also and especially for top people.


3.Employer attractiveness: We check your employer attractiveness internally and externally and also take a critical look at other employers at the location as well as typical job and work requirements of different age groups. Because only if you as an employer can keep not only the motivation to perform, but also the work-life balance and the biorhythm of your employees at a competitive high level and make full use of other opportunities for employee loyalty, will you be permanently successful in the “war for talents” can play along. We would be happy to show you new ways.